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Instant Sports: Winter Games - Nintendo Switch - Sport


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INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games is the first winter-themed sports compilation on Nintendo Switch.

Take your snowsuit, skis and ski sticks, as you're on your way to ride the snow!

In INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games, you will be able to play many extreme (and always fun!) sports.

Motion-Gaming is still the key to win games, so everyone can play easily! If you want to master the slopes, try the pro mode and play with buttons!

Play with up to 4 friends in the snow : snowball fight, curling… You have everything in hands to enjoy your time in INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games!


  • Play 7 winter sports among Snowboard, Ice Cross, Bobsleigh and much more!

  • Regular sports and fun sports… Enjoy a Snowball Fight or a session of Curling!

  • A ton of items to collect and to personalize your character.

  • Beautiful landscapes and environment under the snow. Sports can be enjoyed on several tracks!

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