NF-P12 REDUX-1700 PWM - Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM - Kabinet Køler - 120 mm - 25 dBA

Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM - Kabinet Køler - 120 mm - 25 dBA

Indsats med blæser, 120 mm

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Producent: Noctua
Varenummer: 2662223
Model: NF-P12 REDUX-1700 PWM
Ean: 9010018100365

Til producentens hjemmeside

ProduktbeskrivelseNoctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM indsats med blæser
ProdukttypeIndsats med blæser
Blæser diameter120 mm
Blæser-højde25 mm
Blæser med kuglelejeSSO leje
Omdrejningshastighed450 - 1700 rpm
Støjniveau25.1 dBA
Stik4-pins blæser-stikforbindelse
Rated Voltage12 V
EgenskaberVortex-Control Notches, Smooth Commutation Drive 2 (SCD2) teknologi, Nine-Blade, Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD, PWM-kontrol


Produkttype Indsats med blæser

Varmeafleder & blæser

Blæser diameter 120 mm
Blæser-højde 25 mm
Blæser med kugleleje SSO leje
Omdrejningshastighed 450 - 1700 rpm
Støjniveau 25.1 dBA
Stik 4-pins blæser-stikforbindelse
Rated Voltage 12 V
Rated Strøm 0.09 A
Strømforbrug 1.08 W
Kabellængde 40 cm
Egenskaber Vortex-Control Notches, Smooth Commutation Drive 2 (SCD2) teknologi, Nine-Blade, Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD, PWM-kontrol


MTBF (forventet tid mellem fejl) 150,000 time(r)
Proven NF-P12 design

Proven NF-P12 design

Tens of thousands of quiet cooling enthusiasts around the globe swear by Noctua's classic NF-P12. Thanks to its impressive quietness, excellent performance and impeccable quality, the NF-P12 has become an established reference for quiet 120mm fans.
Streamlined redux edition

Streamlined redux edition

The redux product line reissues some of Noctua's most popular, award-winning models by presenting them in streamlined, accessibly priced packages. All redux edition products are industry proven, time-tested models that helped to found Noctua's reputation as a first-tier supplier of premium grade low noise cooling equipment.
Pressure-optimised Nine-Blade Design

Pressure-optimised Nine-Blade Design

Specifically developed for high-impedance applications such as CPU coolers, water-cooling radiators or cases with tight fan grills, the NF-P12's nine-blade impeller provides outstanding pressure and airflow performance.
Vortex-Control Notches

Vortex-Control Notches

Noctua's signature Vortex-Control Notches split up trailing edge vortices and thus spread the fan's noise emission over a wider range of frequencies. This measure makes the fan sound more pleasant to the human ear.
Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD

Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD

Supporting fully automatic PWM speed control, the fan uses Noctua's custom-designed NE-FD1 PWM IC that integrates Smooth Commutation Drive (SCD) technology. By providing smoother torque impulses, SCD suppresses PWM switching noises and thus makes the fan quieter at low speeds.
Smooth Commutation Drive 2

Smooth Commutation Drive 2

The latest version of Noctua's advanced Smooth Commutation Drive system ensures superb running smoothness by eliminating torque variations and switching noises. This makes the fan remarkably quiet even at very close distances.


Combining the proven concept of hydrodynamic bearing with an additional magnet that supports the self-stabilisation of the rotor axis, Noctua's time-tested technology has become synonymous with supremely quiet operation and exceptional long-term stability.
Optional accessories

Optional accessories

Users can choose from Noctua's wide range of optional accessories such as anti-vibration mounts, Low-Noise-Adaptors, y-cables, 3:4 pin adaptors or extension cables to upgrade redux edition fans according to their individual needs.
Colour-customisable with NA-SAVP1 anti-vibration pads

Colour-customisable with NA-SAVP1 anti-vibration pads

The fan’s frame can be outfitted with Noctua’s chromax line NA-SAVP1 anti-vibration pads. Available in black, red, blue, white, green and yellow, these pads not only damp minute vibrations but also allow the fan to be colour-customised in order to coordinate it with popular build colour schemes!
6-year manufacturer’s warranty

6-year manufacturer’s warranty

Noctua fans are renowned for their impeccable quality and outstanding longevity. Like all Noctua fans, the redux edition models feature an MTTF rating of more than 150.000 hours and come with a full 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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