Wiz Full Color Lights


Lighting for your imagination

Wiz is a new, completely wireless and smart lighting solution for your entire home that offers a full portfolio of connected lights and luminaires for your living. The light come in three different categories: Dimmable white, that allows you to dim in light power (lumen); Tunable white, which allows you to change the temperature of the light from warm yellow to cold white; Color, which gives you access to over 16 million nuances of color.

Wiz Color is the most advanced category of lights within this system. With access to over 16 million nuances of color, you can truly paint your living and decorate with light in a completely new way. Only your imagination sets the limits to how your light can change your living experience and take moments like parties, bedtime for the kids or just a cozy dinner to new heights.


Easy to set up and experience

WiZ is a lighting system that uses you existing WiFi-network to connect your lights to your smart phone, allowing you to within minutes install your new lighting without any other tech needed. The system can be controlled from anywhere on the planet as long as you have an internet connection. Even when the WIFI in your home is down, you can still communicate with your bulbs at home. Since Wiz is a smart lighting system that uses WIFI and is connected directly to your router, the amount of lights you can connect in one location is purely bound by the speed of your bandwidth. The Wiz lighting system is not limited to one user in one room. Multiple people can use the smart lighting at the same time, and you can use it across a large living like a house without any issues. Wiz can be connected to both Google Home Assistant and to Amazon Alexa through their respective compatible smart home devices. This gives you full voice control over your Wiz light system.

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