159B211SENB - Compulocks Space Flex iPad Enclosure Stand

Compulocks Space Flex iPad Enclosure Stand

Indelukke, for tablet (Anti-Theft), låsbar, højglansaluminium, sort, vægmonterbar, overflademonterbar, på disk, for Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (1. generation, 2. generation, 3. generation)

Varenummer: 3074359
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Producent: Compulocks
Varenummer: 3074359
Model: 159B211SENB

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ProduktbeskrivelseCompulocks Space Flex iPad Enclosure Stand - indelukke - for tablet (Anti-Theft)
ProdukttypeIndelukke (Anti-Theft) - vægmonterbar, overflademonterbar, på disk - låsbar
Anbefalet brugTablet
Pakkeindhold2 taster
Designet forApple 11-inch iPad Pro (1. generation, 2. generation, 3. generation)


Materiale Højglansaluminium
Farve Sort
Pakkeindhold 2 taster


Type Indelukke
Design Anti-Theft
Anbefalet brug Tablet
Placering/montering Vægmonterbar, overflademonterbar, på disk
Kabeladministration Integreret kabeladministration
Låsbar Ja
Låstype Nøgle
Space iPad Flex is a bundle of a flexible arm stand that can be mounted on any flat surface, with a Space enclosure for a secure iPad display. The Flex Arm stand is great for corners and where counter space is limited, as it fits any flat surface, such as counter-tops or walls.

The Space iPad Enclosure features rounded edges and open corners for improved ventilation and allows for limited access to buttons and inputs. As with all iPad lock and tablet lock devices, the tablet can be continuously charged while in the enclosure and have peripheral cables plugged in while mounted.

Limited cable management is available through the mount and arm of the stand (suitable for Lightning cable or up to 10 mm cable extensions). The Space iPad Flex arm is fixed with screws and there is also an option for an adhesive base add-on, for a screw-free installation.

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