Slate2+ lader dig tegne direkte på dit papir, og på en og samme tid digitalisere din tegning. Tilslut Slate2+ direkte via Bluetooth eller USB til PC, Mac, Android og iOS enheder. Du kan nemt tage din Slate2+ med dig overalt. Med sølle 380g og 0,7cm i tykkkelse passer den i de fleste tasker.4GB indbygget hukommelse og 7 timers batteritid lader dig tegne hvorend du befinder dig. Dette sæt inkluderer: 1 Slate2+, 1stk sort pen, 1 stk blyant, 1 stk Ring (str S), 2 stk klips, 1 stk tegnehæfte, 1 stk Micro USB kabel

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Producent: ISKN
Varenummer: 2632576
Ean: 3760261070163

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Produktbeskrivelseiskn the Slate 2+ - digitizer - USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1
ForbindelsesteknologiTrådløs, kabling - USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1
Dimensioner (B x D x H)18.6 cm x 26.6 cm x 0.7 cm
Vægt380 g
EgenskaberUSB bus-drevet, 4 GB blitzhukommelse
OS nødvendigMicrosoft Windows 7 eller senere, Apple iOS, Android 4.4 (KitKat), Apple MacOS X 10.10 eller nyere


Enhedstype Digitizer
Bredde 18.6 cm
Dybde 26.6 cm
Højde 0.7 cm
Vægt 380 g


Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs, kabling
Grænseflade USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1
Egenskaber USB bus-drevet, 4 GB blitzhukommelse

Ekspansion / Konnektivitet

Interface 1 x USB 2.0 - 5 pin Micro-USB Type B


Udstyr inkluderet Mikro-USB kabel, pen, 2 klemmer, blyant, Ring (S størrelse), tegneblok


Teknologi Litium-polymer
Kapacitet 1050 mAh
Driftstid (op til) 7 timer

Programmer / Systemkrav

OS nødvendig Microsoft Windows 7 eller senere, Apple iOS, Android 4.4 (KitKat), Apple MacOS X 10.10 eller nyere

Mål & vægt (forsendelse)

Bredde ved forsendelse 23.35 cm
Dybde ved forsendelse 33.235 cm
Højde ved forsendelse 4.5 cm
Vægt ved forsendelse 1.2 kg

the Slate

The perfect companion for pencil-and-paper lovers.

The Slate—with a design inspired by its analog predecessor, the student's drawing pad—embodies the desire to marry traditional paper drawing with the digital world.

Your creations are instantly digitized.

Draw on your Slate and view your creations instantly on your screen via Bluetooth (iPad, iPhone) or USB (Mac, PC).

Enjoy the incomparable feel of paper.

Draw like you always have by using a sheet of paper or your sketchpad. Once you place your sheet between the Slate's reference points, all you need to do is let your imagination run wild.

Capture the moment—anywhere, anytime

Designed for ultra-mobility

Easily take your Slate with you—anywhere, anytime. Light and compact, weighing just over 13 ounces (380 g) and with a thickness of just over 1/4" (0.7 cm), you'll easily be able to find a spot for it in your bag or in the wool felt sleeve, which we've specially designed to protect your Slate and iPad when you're on the go.

Enjoy complete freedom with Screenless mode.

Featuring a "screenless" mode, your Slate can operate as a completely standalone device thanks to its long battery life (7 hours of continuous use) and its 4 GB of internal memory (more than 400,000 sheets). Capture your ideas—wherever and whenever you want—and transfer your creations once you get home.

A pen designed to last

Your set contains a black ballpoint pen fitted with the Ring. The Pen uses a high-quality ink refill and was designed for everyday use and maximum comfort.

the Ring

Give your pencils the power of digital.

Included in your set and positioned around a drawing pencil, the Ring is the magic component that lets you use your own pencils with the Slate. Designed to perfectly conform to the shape of your pencils, the Ring gives each one of them the power of digital, allowing you to retain all the authenticity of your pencil strokes.

Technical specifications for the Slate

Dimensions and weight

Height: 10.5 in. (266 mm)

Width: 7.3 in. (186 mm)

Thickness: 0.28 in. (7 mm)

Weight: 13.4 oz (380 g)

Key components

Microcontroller: 32-bit 180MHz STM32F4

32 low-power 3-axis magnetometers

SurfaceDynamic surface for a realistic feel
Power and battery

Fixed 1050mAh LiPo battery

Charge with computer via USB

Battery life in Live and Screenless modes: up to 7 hours of continuous use

Storage capacity

4 GB integrated flash memory (approximately 400,000 sheets)


USB: Micro USB v2.0 (PC and Mac)

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (Tablets and Smartphones only)

Recommendations for use

Temperature for use between 32 °F and 95 °F (0 °C and 35 °C) At startup, keep magnetic objects at least 10 inches (25 cm) away from the Slate (iskn Pens, metallic objects, magnets, etc.). During use, never use 2 pencils at once and keep metallic objects at least 10 inches (25 cm) away.

Slate's compatibility

iPad 3

iPad 4

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

iPad mini Retina display, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4

iPad Pro

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 7, 7 Plus

iPhone 8, 8 Plus

Windows 7 or later

Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later

Android Smartphones

Technical specifications for the Pen


0.4 oz (12 g)



Tegneplade / Digitizer

  • THECLIPS02 - ISKN the Clips
    ISKN the Clips
  • THERING02 - ISKN the Ring - magnetisk ring
    ISKN the Ring - magnetisk ring
    Magnetisk ring
  • THEPENCILCASE01 - ISKN the Pencil Case - roll case for pencils
    ISKN the Pencil Case - roll case for pencils
    Rulleetui til blyant, uld
  • THEPEN02 - ISKN the Pen - kuglepen
    ISKN the Pen - kuglepen
    Kuglepen, sort, blå, pakke med 2

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