MKCOMPACTACN-BK - Manfrotto Compact Action aluminium tripod with hybrid head - Black

Manfrotto Compact Action aluminium tripod with hybrid head - Black

Aluminiums stativ med 5 sektioner, sort

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Producent: Manfrotto
Varenummer: 2567603
Ean: 8024221631142

Til producentens hjemmeside

ProduktbeskrivelseManfrotto Compact Action stativ med ben
ProdukttypeStativ med ben
Vægt1.16 kg
HovedtypeKonisk hoved
Tripods arbejdshøjde44 cm - 155 cm
Maks. understøttet vægt1.5 kg


Produkttype Stativ med ben
Sammenfoldet længde 45.3 cm
Vægt 1.16 kg
Farve Sort
Materiale Aluminium

Stativ med ben

Antal tripodben 5
Tripods ben udstyret med fliplås Fliplåsearm
Hurtigudløsersystem Ja
Tripod med midtersøjle Kan forskydes
Bevægeligt midterben til stativ 22 cm
Funktioner på Tripods midtersøjle Tredobbelt facetdesign
Maks. driftshøjde 155 cm
Min. driftshøjde 44 cm
Maks. understøttet vægt 1.5 kg
Understøttet udstyr Camcorder, kamera
Fodtype Gummifødder
Egenskaber Trebensstativ med vinkelvalg
A must-have photographers seeking the professional look. This stylish black Compact Action tripod has been designed in high-quality aluminium and furnished in a stylish black finish. If you love shooting movies and photos with an entry-level SLR and standard lenses, this is the compact tripod for you.The Compact Action tripod has an ergonomic joystick head with an easy-to-use, intuitive scroll-wheel locking mechanism for maximum sturdiness. It also has a comfortable grip, enabling you to capture smoother photos and images effortlessly.With a clear circular quick-release plate, you can quickly attach this tripod with head to a wide range of devices without having to use any screwdrivers. Close the level above the joystick handle in an instant, and easily adjust your camera position with the regulating dial and the plate. From now on, expecting nothing less than outstanding stability.With the photo/movie selector, you can switch from photo to movie mode in just a second so you never miss out on an important photo or video opportunity. This tripod also includes a special adapter that's customised for higher-specification cameras such as the Sony Nex 5R/5T. This increases the surface area of the mountain head, meaning you can benefit from a strong grip and more stability. When using a compact device with the tripod head in the off-centre position, bear in mind that the minimum distance between the lateral edge of your camera and the 6.35mm thread must be 13mm. This ensures optimum performance. This tripod is also available in white or red/anthracite.

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