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Producent: Manfrotto
Varenummer: 3025658
Model: 528XB
Ean: 8024221370690

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ProduktbeskrivelseManfrotto 528XB HEAVY-DUTY VIDEO/MOVIE TRIPOD stativ med ben
ProdukttypeStativ med ben
Vægt7.4 kg
Tripods arbejdshøjde73 cm - 148 cm
Maks. understøttet vægt30 kg


Produkttype Stativ med ben
Sammenfoldet længde 101.6 cm
Vægt 7.4 kg
Farve Sort
Materiale Rustfrit stål, aluminium
With a maximum load capacity of 66 lbs, the new Manfrotto 528XB heavy-duty video/movie tripod is built to handle the really heavy loads, and ideal for supporting camera jib arms.

Despite its obvious strength, however, a close inspection reveals that this new tripod offers quite a bit of brains and good looks to go along with its brawn.

The 528XB incorporate a fully-adjustable mid-level spreader, which features telescopic ratchet braces that click into place in each of the preset positions for faster deployment. The braces can be immediately set, allowing each leg to be individually positioned for maximum stability. The tripods' wing nut style locking system further ensures its stability once setup is complete.

The 528XB was designed to accommodate heavy loads in virtually any environment. This is evident in the reversible leg ends, which have rubber feet for use on smooth floors, as well as stainless steel spikes for use on uneven terrain. The 100mm bowl accepts industry-standard half-ball video heads and allows the user to level the head quickly and easily for smooth, accurate panoramic work.

In addition, the built-in 100mm claw ball levels the camera quickly under any conditions, and allows for use of the tripod even with heads not equipped with a half-ball.

The 528XB features black stainless steel tubes and aluminum leg extensions. It utilizes a sturdy single-tube leg structure with an adjustable leg spread. The leg spread also incorporates a 30º locked position for faster set-up and greater strength.

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