MK190XPRO4-BHQ2 - Manfrotto 190

Manfrotto 190

Stativ med ben, med Manfrotto XPRO Ball Head

Varenummer: 3030113
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Producent: Manfrotto
Varenummer: 3030113
Model: MK190XPRO4-BHQ2
Ean: 8024221635591

Til producentens hjemmeside

ProduktbeskrivelseManfrotto 190 stativ med ben
ProdukttypeStativ med ben
Vægt2.55 kg
HovednavnManfrotto XPRO Ball Head
Tripods arbejdshøjde8 cm - 171 cm
Maks. understøttet vægt7 kg


Produkttype Stativ med ben
Sammenfoldet længde 60 cm
Vægt 2.55 kg
Farve Sort
Materiale Aluminium

Stativ med ben

Antal tripodben 4
Tripods ben udstyret med fliplås Fliplåsearm
Hurtigudløsersystem Ja
Tripod med midtersøjle Kan forskydes
Bevægeligt midterben til stativ 24.5 cm
Funktioner på Tripods midtersøjle 90° mekanisme
Maks. driftshøjde 171 cm
Min. driftshøjde 8 cm
Maks. understøttet vægt 7 kg
Understøttet udstyr Kamera
Egenskaber Trebensstativ med vinkelvalg, Easy Link-stikforbindelse, Quick Power Lock system


Hovednavn Manfrotto XPRO Ball Head
Hovedtype Bold
Panorering (grader) 360
Tilt (grader) +40/-90
Egenskaber Uafhængig panorering-lås, 2 indbygget alkoholniveauer
Reliable shooting for your compact camera. Highly portable, the 190XPRO4 has a clever 90° column mechanism, housed in the tripod's top casting, that can be quickly extended in the vertical or horizontal position. This means you won't have to disassemble your camera and lose out on shooting time. Compose your photos and videos with more freedom and flexibility and showcase your individual style.

The 190XPRO4 also has intuitive and ergonomic leg angle selectors, which ensure each leg can be solidly set to a pre-set angle so you can enjoy a much wider choice of framing and shooting options. With a bubble level built into the top part of the center column, you can shoot with precision. Better still, because the bubble level is freely rotating, you can position it so that nothing obstructs your view and gets in the way of that perfect shot.

You can quickly extend the legs of the 190XPRO4 tripod with head via the specially designed Quick Power Lock levers. These block and unblock each lever, and allow a comfortable single-handed opening of all the tripod's leg sections in just one movement. They also lock each section powerfully, giving your tripod significantly more stability than older designs.

Easily add an LED light, reflector or another photo or video accessory to your tripod with the Easy Link connector. The accessory can be attached to an extending arm, turning your tripod into a practical mobile studio.

The 190XPRO4 also has an expertly designed ball head and a quick-release camera plate, ensuring you can use it with a wide range of devices. This features an innovative triple locking system, guaranteeing stability and friction control, and effectively balancing the weight of your camera.

With new polymers, you can say goodbye to unpleasant grease and look forward to smoother, less jerky, more accurate camera operation. This tripod has been manufactured in high-quality magnesium by Manfrotto in Italy.

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