RB-STROMPI3 - Joy-It StromPi 3 - add-on board
Varenummer: 2876217

Joy-It StromPi 3 - add-on board


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Producent: Joy-It
Varenummer: 2876217
Ean: 4250236816609

Til producentens hjemmeside

ProduktbeskrivelseJOY-iT StromPi 3 - tilføjelsestavle
Parametre3A outputstrøm, UPS-funktion, LiFePO4 batterisupport
StrømkildeAC-strømadapter, batteri, USB-port
Dimensioner (B x D x H)6.4 cm x 5.5 cm x 2 cm


Produkttype Tilføjelsestavle
Kategori Batteristrøm
Egenskaber Realtidsur
Parametre 3A outputstrøm, UPS-funktion, LiFePO4 batterisupport

Interface leveret

Interface leveret Strøm - micro-USB
Strøm - terminalblok
USB - micro-USB
USB - Type A
GPIO-gennemløb - 40 pin IDC


Strømkilde AC-strømadapter, batteri, USB-port
In addition to the already available voltage inputs, the StromPi 3 can be supplemented with an optional plug-in battery unit, which adds a rechargeable emergency power source to your Raspberry Pi with a LiFePO4 battery.

Unforeseen power outages are a thing of the past! The individual inputs can be variably prioritized, allowing the StromPi 3 to be perfectly adapted to your project. With a voltage range of 6V-61V and a current of up to 3A even larger projects can be supplied with sufficient current. In addition, the StromPi 3 has its own configurable and autonomously acting microsystem unit, which can be used for a programmable start-stop behavior:

Let your system run up and down at pre-set times to perform measurements or switch devices on and off (also ideal for digital signage or machine control). The included RTC real-time clock can also be used to synchronize the Raspberry Pi during operation without Internet access. In addition, the StromPi 3 has been extended by a control unit via the serial interface (battery charge status, voltage values of the inputs/outputs, control and configuration), which makes it an absolute all-rounder.

With the StromPi 3 you are perfectly equipped for every application!

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