965-0138 - Hotwheels Cars 5-pack

Hotwheels Cars 5-pack

Licens, 1 router, for X 8500

Varenummer: 2825884
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Producent: Hotwheels
Varenummer: 2825884
Model: 965-0138
Ean: 074299018060

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ProduktbeskrivelseSoftware Features VPN IPSec - licens - 1 router
KategoriSikkerhedsprogrammer - VPN-software
Antal licenser1 router
Designet forX 8500


Kategori Sikkerhedsprogrammer - VPN-software
Produkttype Licens


Licenstype 1 router
IP Packets are basically insecure. It is very easy to forge IP addresses, change the contents of IP packets, replay old content, inspect the contents of IP packets in transit or redirect IP packets in transit. Therefore, there is no guarantee that an IP datagram originated from the source it claims to originate from, that it will get to the intended destination, or that the contents have not been modified or examined by a third party while it was in transit from the source to the destination. IPSec is a suite of IETF standards that implement mechanisms to protect and authenticate IP packets and also provide mechanisms to encrypt and decrypt IP payload data.The BinTec IPSec Implementation is designed to provide high-quality, interoperable cryptographic-based security for IPv4 datagrams as well as seamless integration into a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The BinTec IPSec implementation achieves these objectives by using two traffic security protocols: Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP), and through the use of cryptographic-key management procedures and protocols such as Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol.IPSec allows the user or the system administrator of a system or a network to control the granularity at which the security service is offered. For example, an organization's policy might specify that data traffic that originated from certain subnets should be protected with both AH and ESP and that the encryption should be done with triple-DES with three different keys. On the other hand, the policy might specify that the only data traffic from a road-warrior should be afforded encryption with Blowfish. IPSec is able to differentiate between the security services it offers to different data traffic by the use of security associations (SA).

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