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Lancaster Total Age Correction Night Cream

Lancaster Total Age Correction Retinol-in-Oil Night Cream & Glow Amplifier Natcreme Ansigt 50 ml

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Looking to improve your nighttime beauty routine with anti-aging action that also boosts your skin's natural glow? Let us introduce you to Lancaster's Total Age Correction Amplified Anti-Aging Retinol-In-Oil Night Cream & Glow Amplifier. With its silky-soft texture and powerful formula, our night cream fuses the comfort of a cream with the feel of an oil to intensively nourish your skin. Deeply replenished, your complexion wakes up looking radiant, rested, rejuvenated. Your skin appears smoother and firmer.

When do you need it
Total Age Correction Amplified Anti-Aging Retinol-In-Oil Night Cream & Glow Amplifier is specially developed for women looking for sensorial and efficient skincare products targeting signs of aging: firmness, wrinkles, dark spots and glow.
For all skin types, especially normal to combination skin. Non-sticky, non-greasy.

See results

After 1 month:
- Skin feels moisturized: 97%*
- Skin looks smoother: 82%*
- Complexion looks more radiant: 78%*
- Skin quality is improved: 81%*
- 74%* would recommend this product

T immediat:
- Silky-soft texture: 92%**
- Texture fuses into skin: 83%**

*% satisfied – use test on 118 women
**% satisfied – use test on 120 women

Beauty tips
Every night, apply the night cream on your face and neckle, after using our Total Age Correction Amplified Ultimate Retinol-In-Oil & Glow Amplifier to boost the efficiency of your Lancaster skincare routine.

Innovative Technology

- Amplified Cell Functioning: DNA technology that helps support natural skin DNA repair is now optimized with Epigenetic technology.
- Amplified Cell Regeneration: A high concentration of Bi-Retinol™ Complex enriched with soy extract helps regenerate skin through the night and fight against wrinkles, lack of firmness and lack of evenness.


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